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Donation Request Guidelines

GGM is more than a business. We are a part of the local community where we live, work, and serve. One of our core values is supporting our community by charitably donating our time and resources to the community that we live and work in.



  • Submit the Donation Request Form through the portal (insert form)

  • The GGM Leadership Team will review all donation requests for approval

  • If a donation request is submitted by an employee on behalf of an organization,

    • the request will be communicated to all employees in the same manner as the Employee Newsletter is communicated (via email and bulletin board)

    • Employees can voluntarily make a payroll deduction for approved requests within the donation period and the Company will match all donations received.

    • The employee initiating the donation request will present the check to the organization

    • All employee donations on behalf of an organization will be done so voluntarily.

  • A general donation request will be communicated director to the organization submitting the request.


GGM Donation Request Guidelines

Initiatives that we MAY fund or support:

  • Located within the Mercer County area

  • Align with GGM Core Values

  • Respond to local community needs

  • Provide opportunities for employee engagement

Initiatives that we are NOT able to fund or support:

  • Individuals

  • Family reunions

  • Religious beliefs or institutions

  • Activities that do not align with GGM Core Values

  • For-profit organizations

  • Political, legislative or lobbying organizations

It is recommended that all donations are requested at least 90 days prior to the event.

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